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Delta-H is a highly specialised and skilled groundwater consulting company dedicated to deliver world class products to our clients. We apply our expertise to a wide client base including the mining, government, institutional, agricultural and industrial sectors (locally and internationally). Our specific expertise includes hydrogeological (and seepage) modelling, groundwater management, geochemistry, hydraulic plume containment, groundwater supply, spatial data analysis and groundwater training.

Expertise and Services

About Us

Delta-H was established in 2012 to continue and expand on the professional water system modelling company delta h Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Germany. Since 2012 Delta-H (based in Pretoria, South Africa) has remained a small but highly specialised groundwater consulting company offering clients individual service backed by wide range of expertise and years of experience.
The management of water resources requires consideration of the overlapping themes of economic development, the water-energy-food nexus, social equality, environmental protection, and institutional and governance structures. Delta-H assists decision makers at the various levels of government, in research projects and in policy advice that considers the full complexity of water management. Delta-H also assists private clients managing their water use and inherent water - related risks, through best practice measures.